Zeistful Aging

Goooooood Morning… In 17 years of advertising, I never had, I mean never ever, a brief targeting a 40+ audience. That’s crazy. How old are you? Think about it. Too many advertising propaganda, magazines, brand washed marketers are trying to convince me and shame me because I am not young. F**ck that! No, I do not aspire to be young. I’ve been there, did that. Now I have the wisdom, the experience, the purchasing power (you hear that? The purchasing power!). I know who I am, what I want, and the cherry on the top, I do not give a dam’ to what others think about me. Tao Porchon-Lynch was 101 years old when she died. She was a badass woman, wearing high heels, doing the lotus pose, and living her life on her terms. That inspires me. #zeistfulaging #radicalauthentic #blowthatshitup #embracewhoyouare.

Published by Sonia Ratto

Sonia Ratto is an explorer and adventurer, yogini, and host of the Wild 'n Wise show. She is French and lives in the Sonoran desert, close to Tucson, Arizona.

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