Creating a personal iconography to manifest your vision

Your personal iconography can be the objects, images, and symbols that stimulate you and have meaning in your life. I found that in moments of stuckness in life, creating a personal iconography was a fantastic way to re-establish a creative dialogue with our subconscious and open new possibilities in our lives and careers. Get a binder and start the dialogue with your Selves. Follow your personal interest. This is where the power is. Creating a personal iconography is one of the key tool I used in my coaching work with people to clarify a vision and start manifesting it! #radicallyauthentic #lifecoaching #crisisblessing

Published by Sonia Ratto

Sonia Ratto is an explorer and adventurer, yogini, and host of the Wild 'n Wise show. She is French and lives in the Sonoran desert, close to Tucson, Arizona.

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