Why should every job seeker write a personal “brand manifesto”?

Boring Linkedin bio, laundry list of achievements, flat resumes, vague job aspirations, business jargon, copy and pasted paragraphs that outline general goals and simple phrases that attempt to convey meaning without soul, will definitively not help you stand out, get that more meaningful job, or attract the right organizations to you. People don’t have theContinue reading “Why should every job seeker write a personal “brand manifesto”?”

Creating a personal iconography to manifest your vision

Your personal iconography can be the objects, images, and symbols that stimulate you and have meaning in your life. I found that in moments of stuckness in life, creating a personal iconography was a fantastic way to re-establish a creative dialogue with our subconscious and open new possibilities in our lives and careers. Get aContinue reading “Creating a personal iconography to manifest your vision”

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