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Your Brand Sucks Without Purpose.

Your Life Sucks Without Authenticity.

Aloha, I am Sonia Ratto, a brand consultant, life coach and yoga instructor. I champion and campaign for radical authenticity in all forms, and as part of that I am working to build brands with purpose and guide people to create their own, unique, authentic life.

I serve humans, entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, and independent agencies.








Sonia is one of the most extraordinary leaders I’ve experienced. We’ve met through her attendance of strategy meetings at our Women of Denver group where she brings courageous ideas, uplifts others, and asks questions that help us all think in new ways. Anyone who has the chance to work with her will most certainly benefit from being near her powerful light and as a fellow marketing consultant, I would trust her insight for any brand needing development and growth.

Crystal Covington. Founder of Women of Denver. Business Development (Lead Growth) Consultant

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Brilliant Strategic Planner”

Sonia is a brilliant strategic planner, and I know first-hand that her global experience and unique perspective have proven a tremendous asset to brands and agencies alike. I had the pleasure of working with Sonia in both Western Europe and the United States, and her contributions to strategic marketing platforms across a variety of categories and disciplines were nothing short of exceptional. Highly recommend.

Ian Whitney.

Executive Marketing Leader.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Inspirational And Passionate”

Sonia is an optimistic, inspirational strategist who leads with passion and intellect. No project is too mundane, she will always bring her global perspective to ensure that something great can be created. Her personality is such a great addition to any project and any team.

Craig Pelz.

Creative Director – The Integer Group / TBWA

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“New Ways Of Thinking”

I had the pleasure of working with Sonia for several years at The Integer Group. Her ability to inspire new ways of thinking about and solving business problems, her worldly perspective, and her kind spirit are an asset to any company.

Ariel Knobbe

Group Account Director – The Integer Group / TBWA

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