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You are a 40+ woman. You want to be radically authentic. You want to live life on your terms and not care about what people think about you.You want to feel good in your body and your age. You’re done with the constructs imposed to you by society. You want to feel free, strong, centered, fulfilled and attractive.

Four ways to embark on the journey:



I am Sonia Ratto.

Life coach,

Yoga teacher,

and brand expert.

 I cut through the bullshit. I campaign and champion for radical authenticity in all forms, and as part of that, I am working to build brands with purpose, guide people to create change in their body and in their life, and design their own, unique, authentic life.

This platform is for you if you have a deep desire to

Dive deep in the intelligence of your body. Aka feeling, sensing, listening, honoring, expressing. In short, cultivate a deeper connection with your body and spirit; follow the guidance of your inner wisdom and intuition.

Unravel the bullshit about who you are supposed the be. Unravel your self-limiting beliefs. Break free from the traumatic stories and conditionings that have formatted you since your childhood.

Give voice to all the Selves inside of you. The selves that you forgot, rejected, buried and disowned. Connect with your feelings and deepest soul dreams. Manifest your vision.

Move through peri-menopause and menopause symptoms, without shame. Navigate with more ease through this mental, emotional, physical, and hormonal revolution.

Living a radically authentic life.

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How can I help?

  • You are a human looking for deep changes and need a personal life coach.
  • You are a big brand looking to change the game and need a consultant.
  • You are an entrepreneur seeking to expand your personal brand.
  • Your are a creative agency looking for a stellar kick-ass strategist.
  • You are a conference or event or club looking for a charismatic speaker.
  • You are 40+ with a deep desire to feel good in your body and your age


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